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The Truth about Advertised Rates

November 19, 2012

One question which we hear often is “I saw an advertised rate of x%…can I get that rate”?  Unfortunately, in many advertisements these days, some companies only showcase their lowest and most attractive rates which not all borrowers can qualify for.

At Reliance First Capital, our experienced mortgage analysts work with you to get the best rate possible. We help you determine which programs you qualify for while customizing a loan that accomplishes your specific financial goals. Reliance First Capital specializes in helping customers reach their individual needs with the best loan options.

You may want to lower your monthly payment and/or interest rate or get a cash-out refinance. Reliance First Capital realizes that all customers are different, and so are their goals, so simply focusing on a specific low rate is not always the best approach.

Ask any of the thousands of satisfied Reliance First Capital customers and they’ll tell you that the key to a successful mortgage loan is identifying the main goals and customizing a program that helps you meet those goals.

Learn more by contacting Reliance First Capital today at 866-735-9004 or visit us online at

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