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Get the Best-Dressed House on the Block

August 15, 2013

What’s the first thing you look at when you drive past a home? Sure, landscaping and décor may catch your eye, but they aren’t enough to mask a house that’s in disrepair. If the home’s exterior is in poor condition, it won’t make a good first impression.

Reliance First Capital knows that updating the exterior of your home can significantly improve its market value and sale price. Additionally, up-to-date exterior finishes add an extra layer of protection and insulation, so they can reduce your energy costs. Reliance First Capital brings you several factors for consideration before deciding on what to update.

Condition:  Is there extensive damage to your current siding? If wood is rotted or panels are missing, completely replacing the exterior with siding could save you time and money in the long run.

Permanence:  Siding is expected to last for 25 years or more. While some paints do carry a 20-year warranty, paint doesn’t have the permanence that new exterior siding does.

Efficiency:  If you’re losing heat and cold air from furnaces and air conditioning, your exterior could be part of the problem. Holes and broken seals can cost you hundreds of dollars annually. Adding insulation when replacing old siding will make a home airtight. Although the change won’t be as dramatic, painting can help with efficiency, too. Just be sure to fill holes and gaps, replace seals, repair panels, and add new insulation wherever possible.

Aesthetics:  Paint comes in an unlimited variety of colors and finishes. If aesthetic appeal is your primary concern, siding may limit your choices.

No matter which improvements you may choose, a home can benefit from an update. A fresh look not only improves the appearance of your house, but it also reflects well on the entire neighborhood. So take a closer look at your home’s exterior today — you’ll be glad you did.

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